Deputy Mayor Ceis to Start Consulting Firm

By Erica C. Barnett November 30, 2009

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Deputy mayor Tim Ceis, along with Office of Intergovernmental Relations director Emelie East and Gogerty Stark Marriott strategist Ryan Bayne, are forming a public-affairs consulting firm that will launch at the beginning of next year, Ceis tells PubliCola.

"We are going through the exploratory phase and seeing what business opportunities are out there," Ceis says.

Speculation about the deputy mayor's future plans has been rampant ever since Mayor Greg Nickels was ousted in the August primary election. Ceis—known as the Shark for his aggressive, hardball approach to politics—has been in Nickels' orbit ever since Nickels' first campaign for King County Council in 1987.

The new firm will focus on government affairs and management consulting, not political campaigns. "No more candidates. I've had enough of that," Ceis says.

"The experience we bring from the city, state and federal governments is very valuable to people trying to get things done with government."

East started as the mayor's liaison to the city council in 2006. Before joining GSM, Bayne worked for the Downtown Seattle Association and former King County Executive Ron Sims.
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