An Inside Job

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 4, 2009

Even police precincts aren't immune to theft. According to a police report filed last week, the Southwest Precinct in West Seattle has been experiencing "a rash of thefts" in the men's locker room.

On October 29th, one officer found that someone had gone through his locker, and while they hadn't taken anything, they had put things back the wrong way, including an assault rifle. "[The officer] stated the he ALWAYS puts his patrol assault rifle in his locker a particular way (and due to his obsessive compulsive nature it is an absolute certainty that his rifle is placed in the locker the same EXACT way every day)," the report says, adding that a padlock on the locker had been removed.

The report does not say how many thefts have occurred at the precinct, but notes that the thief often takes cash from officers' lockers.

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