42 Stories, No Parking

By Erica C. Barnett November 30, 2009


Via Friends of Seattle, this crank's idea of heaven on earth: Developers in Toronto are building a 42-story condo building with no permanent parking for cars. The proposal would require a change in current city development standards, which would require about 140 parking spots for about 315 units—still much lower than in many parts of Seattle, where development standards still require as many as 1.5 spaces per unit.

Instead of a sea of parking spaces—which add an estimated $20,000 to the cost of a typical condo—the building will have nine spots for car-sharing vehicles, and 315 spaces for bikes. The proposed building is a few steps away from the nearest subway stop, five blocks from the nearest park, three blocks from major hospitals, and 10 blocks from a supermarket.

No, it wouldn't work in Wallingford. But downtown or on Capitol Hill? Hell, yeah. Sounds like something Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn might want to hear about.
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