Woman Abducted, Robbed in North Seattle

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 29, 2009

A woman was found bleeding on the side of the road in Greenwood last week, after she was violently attacked during a botched kidnapping and robbery, a police report says.

On October 24th, at 11:30 a.m., the woman was walking along N 96th Street near Linden Avenue N. when a green Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled up next to her. A man in the vehicle pulled the woman inside. The woman tried to call 911 from her cellphone, but the man grabbed her phone and tossed it out the window as he drove down Dayton.

The report says the man reached into the woman's purse and pulled out a hundred dollar bill. When the woman tried to grab the money back, the man told her that she "would have to give him the hundred dollar bill or go to Tacoma with him."

The woman told police that the man punched her and elbowed her several times during the incident. She was able to escape from the car after she grabbed and scratched the man's throat, kicked his windshield—cracking it—and pulling the emergency break before jumping out near N. 86th Street and Dayton Avenue N.

Police drove the woman around while she tried to locate her cell phone, until she vomited blood and was taken to the hospital for a possible concussion.

The report does not indicate whether the woman knew her assailant. SPD is investigating.

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