The Upper Deck

By LaRoche October 28, 2009

I'm so super effing giddy about the Sounders playoff tomorrow, I gotta do a pre-day pre-game post.

I thought I'd address two rumors spread last night by my soccer team.

Rumor #1: Sounders attendance breaks top 50 in the world!

Yep, Prost Amerika cites the August (?) addition of World Soccer Magazine.

I couldn't find the source itself, but instead of preparing for a mid-term in finance, I did crunch these numbers: If the Sounders were in England, they'd rank 12th in attendance.  Considering how this map ranks the 77 most popular clubs in England, 12th is very good.

Rumor #2: They're opening the upper bowl at Qwest for the final/playoffs.

Not exactly true. After selling out the 32,400 lower bowl seats "in a matter of hours" according to the Sounders press office, they decided to open the "Loge Seats" —which is the inner ring of the upper deck. There are 3000 of those. And there are still some available for tomorrow night's big game.
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