"The Normal Ebb and Flow of Political Negotiations"

By Morning Fizz October 21, 2009

fizz1. The latest SurveyUSA poll in the mayor's race shows Joe Mallahan in the lead, with 43 percent to Mike McGinn's 36 percent. Notably, Mallahan has gained among self-identified Democrats: From seven points behind three weeks ago, he's now two points up among that group. Big caveat, though: Fully 21 percent of voters remained undecided. And most of those voters hadn't yet cast their ballots. The poll had a margin of error of 4.1 percent.

2. As Keith Ervin at the Seattle Times has reported, King County Council member (and Susan Hutchison contributor) Reagan Dunn provided an email to the Hutchison campaign that the campaign said indicated Dunn felt intimidated into voting for passenger-only ferries back in 2007 by his fellow council member Dow Constantine, who's now Hutchison's opponent for King County Executive. In the email, Dunn said he was worried that he would lose projects in his council district if he didn't vote for a ferry district proposed by Constantine, and asked if "vote-trading" was legal.

During his press conference on Hutchison's anti-environmental ties yesterday, Constantine addressed the supposed "vote-trading" email in scathing terms. Asked whether he had attempted to intimidate Dunn, then a two-year incumbent, Constantine said, "I never threatened or pressured him. Reagan has got to grow up. He had this email sitting there for two years, which doesn’t mention me ... or anybody." He added, "I was advocating to keep the Vashon and West Seattle ferries going. ...  It was the very normal ebb and flow of political negotiations... the hard work of government that’s the kind of experience that Susan lacks."

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3. At the pre-taped debate that aired on KING-5 last night, Hutchison reiterated her opposition to putting light rail on I-90, a story first broken by  Seattle Transit Blog and covered by PubliCola yesterday. Constantine blasted her for opposing the voter-approved light rail plan, noting that one of her biggest supporters is Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman, who is suing to stop light rail. STB breaks down why light rail has to cross I-90 before it crosses 520 here.

4. Word on the second floor of City Hall is that council members (with one notable exception) are none too thrilled about the prospect of working with Pete Holmes, a police-accountability advocate who's challenging incumbent City Attorney Tom Carr. Holmes has said repeatedly that he considers his clients all the people of Seattle, not city government, sparking worries that he'll put his political views above the council's legal interests. Nothing official yet, but a proposal is floating around the hall to start moving attorneys out of the city attorney's office, and into the legislative department, if Holmes gets elected.

5. Campaign consultant Cindi Laws, who works for Carr, does not appear to have had an active business license since 2006. Records at the state Department of Revenue show that her company, Purple Mountain Advocates/Fun! Raising Productions and Products, has been listed as "inactive"/"closed" since the end of 2006. Contacted by phone yesterday, Laws said she'd look into it and get back to us.

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