Sounders Now in 5th Playoff Spot

By LaRoche October 5, 2009

The Sounders adrenalizing 1-0 victory over Columbus Crew brought the Crew's 22 home-game non-losing streak to a screeching halt  and propelled us to 3rd in the West/5th in the playoffs. It was nothing short of fucking awesome.

Our unstoppable first-half defense (countering Columbus' relentless attacks—they did beat us 17-7 in shots). Columbus hitting the post. Levesque's late first-half goal. Hurtado shutting down Schelotto. Marshall clearing the ball from the goal-line. Crew Moreno's dramatic yellow-carded fake foul. Hurtado's sloppy foul and Schel-opps!o's missed PK; Alonso's Ljunberg-like run/shot/hitting the post; Keller's laundry list of saves.

Damn, what a game.

Reviewing the Sounders psycholo-analysis cheat sheet reinforces the theory that the Green Freaks save it for when it matters.  New England?  Didn't matter. Columbus, mattered big.  They pulled a major upset and showed (again) how to play under pressure.

This is nothing but good news for the playoffs, which the super nerds at Sports Club Stats say we have a 94.5% chance of reaching! (That doesn't bode well for Kansas City in two weeks and Dallas at the home finale).

Suffer, Husky, Seahawks, Mariners, Sonics fans.  Your pain is of your own creation.

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