Seattle Times Endorses Joe Mallahan

By Josh Feit October 23, 2009

The Seattle Times endorsed Joe Mallahan in the mayor's race this afternoon.

They cite his position on the tunnel (pro), his pledge to work with the legislature to remove the tunnel overrun language (even though in the same paragraph they report that the language is "unenforceable" anyway), and his support of Tim Burgess' panhandling legislation.

They write:
Neither man is an A-list candidate. And voters in the primary were more likely voting against a candidate, the incumbent mayor, than for his replacement.

But that's all in the past. Mallahan is better suited to ramp up and learn what it takes to lead the city. He is a good listener. He assembled a team of civic leaders who likely will help him in the early years.

In recent months, Mallahan demonstrated he, more than his opponent, understands the next mayor will have to work hard to rebuild the economy and boost job opportunities. The tunnel is a bit of that, but the economic challenge facing the city is much bigger.

Mallahan also has a better grasp of the breadth and depth of public-safety issues facing our city, agreeing in a recent KCTS/Seattle Times debate to support proposed rules on aggressive panhandling. The street scene in parts of the city creates a sense of unease and lack of safety.
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