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By Morning Fizz October 15, 2009


1. Susan Hutchison's campaign totally stepped in it yesterday by holding a public safety press conference right after the Democrats had filed a juicy ethics complaint against her that morning about undisclosed finances. Rather than paying any attention to Hutchison's proposal, the press jumped her re: the ethics complaint. (Read our report here where we scoop the news that cell phone titan Bruce McCaw may be at issue in the ethics complaint.)

In fairness to Hutchison, Morning Fizz must say, her campaign did line up King County Sheriff Sue Rahr to stand next to her at the podium and—with Rahr's doth protest too much denials that this wasn't an endorsement—give the strong impression that, in fact, the popular Rahr was in Hutchison's camp.

RahrHutchSheriff Sue Rahr stands with Hutchison

They even scheduled the press conference to take place at the Sheriff's office, but then—after moving it to the Westin—slyly told reporters that the Public Disclosure Commission told them to move it because a press conference at the Court House would look like Rahr was endorsing Hutchison.

As for Hutchison's big public safety proposal: She said as King County executive she would put the jail under the control of the Sheriff's office. She argued that "common sense" says consolidating the sheriff's department and the jail (currently managed by the county executive) would save money. She didn't have any dollar figure. The Seattle Times and the PI report on her proposal here and here.

(The PI report highlights the  police accountability issues that come with putting law enforcement, rather than civilian politicians, in charge of the jail.)

2. Here are some crosstabs (pollster speak for raw data) from the poll we ran on the mayor's race earlier this week.

3. KCTS 9 is broadcasting a live TV debate tonight at 7 pm between King County Council member Dow Constantine and former KIRO-TV anchor Susan Hutchison, the two candidates vying for King County Executive.

4. The Seattle Times has a good follow-up to Erica's scoop about port candidate Rob Holland and mayoral candidate Mike McGinn. (Holland told PubliCola that while he did initially give "consent" to McGinn to put Holland's image in a McGinn ad, he  didn't like that the ad ended up coming across as a McGinn endorsement.)

The Seattle Times reports that Holland says he's officially changed his mind about giving McGinn consent and has asked McGinn to take Holland's image out of the ad. The McGinn camp said nope according to the Times report.
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