Massive TV Hit Planned Against Constantine

By Erica C. Barnett October 15, 2009

PubliCola has word that a group calling itself the King County Leadership Fund is gearing up to spend $135,000 on cable TV ads opposing King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine. We haven't been able to reach the campaign spokesman, a prominent Republican consultant in Olympia named Stan Shore (whose firm, Polis, is also doing work for Republican county council member Reagan Dunn, the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, and port commission candidate David Doud), but the group has filed a registration form with the Public Disclosure Commission noting that the single-year campaign will target Constantine.

Shore is the same political consultant who infamously organized a Green Party nominating convention to siphon votes away from Democrats in 2001, a stunt that landed him in the New York Times.

Monica Emert, treasurer for the King County Leadership Fund, said she could not confirm the independent expenditure and referred me to Shore, who has not yet returned a call for comment.

The group has not filed any disclosure reports beyond the registration form. PDC spokeswoman Lori Anderson says they're required to report the expenditure within 24 hours of any ad running on TV; that can be 24 hours after the ad runs.

Who's funding the Leadership Fund? That's unclear, but one rumor has it that it's Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman. Chalk that one up to unsubstantiated rumor for now, though, since Freeman hasn't yet returned our call.
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