Mallahan Slaps McGinn Over Tunnel Announcement. McGinn Hits Back.

By Josh Feit October 20, 2009

This morning I speculated that Joe Mallahan was going to roll out a round of ads slamming Mike McGinn as a flip flopper on the tunnel.

Mallahan spokeswoman Charla Neuman says there are "no plans ... this week" to swap out their current network and cable ads with a hit on McGinn's decision to abide by the tunnel decision.

However, they did go viral today, with a YouTube hit piece on McGinn that's pretty pro. (It was put together by budding local political camera assassin Kelly Akers, who got his start following Mike McGavick around with a camera in 2006 for the Maria Cantwell camp.)

Pretty devastating too.


McGinn addressed some of this in our interview with him this morning. And here's his direct response to the ad Mallahan released this afternoon:
"The ad is false. I continue to oppose the deep bore tunnel. I know Joe isn't familiar with civic life [a reference to Mallahan's infamous non-voting record], but in a democracy, the mayor can't just ignore legislation passed by the council."

McGinn says abiding by the council vote in not inconsistent with his position:
"Until we know how much it costs. How we're going to pay for it, and until the state takes responsibility for any cost overruns, we should not precede with the tunnel."

And in his own attack on Mallahan, McGinn adds:
"The only reason he's in the race is beause he put $230,000 of his own money into his campaign. He ran in the primary by attacking Mayor Nickels and now he's attacking me. That's because Joe has no vision of his own for Seattle."

Honestly, I've never heard McGinn quite this stern. There's more:
"He talks to the press through a spokesperson. He wont hold town halls. [McGinn has held several.] And he's cancelled at least 10 joint appearances with me in the last week. He has no vision. No plan. All he has is attack ads."

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