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By Josh Feit October 12, 2009


1. Yesterday, the Seattle Times ran profiles of each mayoral candidate, T-Mobile VP Joe Mallahan and community activist Mike McGinn.

The most notable bit of reporting in either piece is in the McGinn profile when reporter Emily Heffter gets city council member Tom Rasmussen—who may have to  work with McGinn on a regular basis soon—to go on record trashing McGinn's role in the 2008 parks levy campaign. (McGinn has been hyping his work on the 2008 parks levy throughout the mayoral campaign.)

Heffter reports:
On the parks-levy campaign, members of the Seattle City Council were so alarmed by what they saw as a disorganized, ragtag campaign that they installed Seattle Parks Foundation Executive Director Karen Daubert as co-chair to help McGinn raise money.

Critics — including City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen — say Daubert saved the day. But from McGinn's perspective, his grass-roots campaign was key to the levy's success.


City Councilmember Rasmussen said it went further than that.

At the end of the summer, the campaign had raised only $5,000, though its budget was $300,000.

It was "faltering," Rasmussen said. "It was not moving forward."

McGinn said it was making progress.

When Rasmussen and others expressed concern about strategy, McGinn "got blustery and defensive and acted as though he resented the questions," Rasmussen said.

McGinn said he spelled out his campaign plan, Daubert took on fundraising, and things went well from then on.

After the campaign added Daubert as co-chair, Parks for All raised $250,000.

2. On Friday night, SIFF Cinema screened  Sonicsgate,  a sharp documentary about why the Sonics left Seattle. (Sad to watch the movie at Seattle Center.)

Now you can watch the feature film online here.

I spent a lot time covering the Sonics saga over the years. Some of my coverage: here, here, and here.

3. Another reporter goes over to the other side. Former Seattle PI city hall reporter and Post Globe contributor Kathy Mulady is doing press work for city attorney candidate Peter Holmes.

4. In exciting PubliCola news: We're happy to announce we've hired a full-time ad sales person. Kristy Sandeen joins PubliCola this month as our sales director.

Kristy is coming over from the local online sales team at the Seattle Times.

Please welcome Kristy. And by all means, email her about buying an ad at PubliCola. [email protected]
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