King County Assessor: PubliCola Picks Bob Rosenberger

By PublicolaPicks October 19, 2009


In the oddly contentious race to replace King County Assessor Scott Noble, who resigned in June after a drunk-driving conviction, Bob Rosenberger is the clear choice.

An appraiser in the assessor’s office for 24 years, Rosenberger has relevant experience his leading opponent, former Port Commissioner Lloyd Hara, lacks. As county assessor, Rosenberger has vowed to take a new look at 103 property-tax exemptions he says have shifted the county’s tax burden onto working-class families; to “counter the misinformation” put out by anti-tax initiative crusader Tim Eyman; and to push the state to index the income threshold to qualify for a low-income or senior property tax exemption to a county’s median income, which would help low-income folks in more expensive areas like King County. (He’s also vowed to take a pay cut of $24,000, bringing his salary down to a still-stratospheric $122,000).

The county assessor’s race ain’t sexy, but the assessor plays a critical role in determining how much people pay for property taxes throughout King County. King County needs an experienced progressive in the county assessor's office.

PubliCola picks Bob Rosenberger.
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