Extra Fizz: Israel All But Concedes

By Erica C. Barnett October 28, 2009


In an email to supporters, City Council Position 6 candidate Jessie Israel (who's challenging popular three-term incumbent Nick Licata) seems to be acknowledging likely defeat on election night, November 3. In the email, Israel writes, "At the end of this campaign I want to walk away knowing that we did all we could to take back our city. I want to make sure that there wasn't a voter that could have heard the message that didn't because I was tired or uninspired that day."

We haven't seen any polling on the council races, but conventional wisdom is that Licata has the upper hand: In addition to winning the primary election (against Israel and another opponent, Marty Kaplan) with nearly 60 percent, he's won his last two council races with 77 and 78 percent, respectively.

Israel hasn't returned a request for comment about the seemingly defeatist tone of her email to supporters.

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