Press Release Roundup #1

By Josh Feit September 24, 2009

1. The McGinn camp sent out a press release today titled "How Will Mallahan pay for the tunnel?"

The crux of Team McGinn's hit: A gotcha on Mallahan, who came out against the city's parking tax on KUOW this week, but who also supports the $4.2 billion waterfront tunnel. The McGinn release points out that $200 million in parking tax revenues are earmarked for the tunnel.

McGinn's campaign has largely been about his opposition to tunnel.

Grade: A. Burn.

2. The Mallahan camp sent out a press release today titled: "Mallahan Offers Opportunities to Get Seattle's Fiscal House in Order. City's new budget should trim fat and represent Seattle's progressive values."

Mallahan's release recommends reducing consultant contracts ("If we already have people who are paid to do a job, we should evaluate why the city is paying consultants to do the same job)"; a 10 percent reduction in executive-level (i.e., high-paid) staff; consolidating the Office of Policy and Management (basically the mayor's policy shop) into the mayor's office; and cutting municipal court judge positions.

Grade: B-. Not much new here.

3. The Constantine camp sent out a press release  (and held a press conference at his new Eastside headquarters in Bellevue ), announcing Constantine's  plan to "reform" King County government.

PubliCola's Jake Blumgart will have a full report soon, but in the meantime, here are some highlights:

• Create a new senior-level position to coordinate planning with suburban and rural cities;

• Replace Metro's reviled "40/40/20" service-allocation formula (in which Seattle gets just 20 percent of new Metro service, while suburbs get 80 percent) with a new policy "rooted in data, not politics." Constantine also proposed changing Metro's revenue base, which currently relies on regressive sales taxes.

• Saving money by cutting county executive and county council staff, selling off the county's animal shelter, cutting county employees' medical benefits, and doing performance audits of county offices.

• Simplifying county taxes.

Grade: C. Letting "nonpartisan" opponent Susan Hutchison frame the debate with an Eastside debut of small-government speaking points.
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