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By Morning Fizz September 15, 2009


1. The 43rd District Democrats made their endorsements in the general election last night. The lefty district (Capitol Hill, Wallingford, parts of downtown and the University District) overwhelmingly picked Mike McGinn for mayor (69 percent), Mike O'Brien for City Council Position 8 (72 percent), and a "no" vote on Tim Eyman's revenue-slashing I-1033 (94 percent).

The district also endorsed Dow Constantine for county executive, Bob Rosenberger for county assessor, Wilson Chin for school board District 7, a "yes" vote on R-71 (domestic partnerships), and a "yes" vote on the city's housing levy. (Thanks to our honorary EndorsementNerd for getting us the results last night.)

2. South Seattle's 11th District Dems also made endorsements last night. Full report later today, including new endorsements in a handful of races (the mayor's race, council Position 8) where the district's favored candidates—like incumbent Mayor Greg Nickels (who in fact, won the South Seattle vote in the primary)—didn't make it through to November.

We have argued that the South Seattle vote could be the key to the general.

3. Mayoral candidate Mike McGinn has made stopping the deep-bore tunnel on the waterfront the primary issue in his campaign. The state of Washington, however, has other ideas.

Yesterday, the Tacoma News Tribune reports, the Washington State Department of Transportation put out a call for contractors interested in competing to dig the tunnel.

According to a press release issued by WSDOT yesterday, the agency will issue a short list of three or four qualified companies next January, and choose a company to dig the tunnel by the end of 2010.

4. Seattle food-safety guru Bill Marler—best known for winning more than $50 million in settlements from Jack in the Box in the infamous 1993 e coli case—has launched a new web site called Food Safety News, which tracks food safety issues in the US.

Food Safety News' debut coincided with the launch of a government-run web site on food safety, Expect the two sites to cover similar issues—with very different political perspectives.

Food safety advocates had been pushing the Obama administration to appoint Marler as under secretary for food safety at the Department of Agriculture and, indeed, Marler was rumored to be in the running. He didn't end up getting the gig.

Today's Morning Fizz is brought to you by Washington Conservation Voters.


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