Folk duo Thousands create something temporary and revel in it. They record all over rural Washington—in old barns, silos and graveyards—in order to capture a specific place at an exact moment, unplanned bird calls, airplanes and all. The result is haunting; their songs feel lived in then abandoned.

This attention to mortality is what got me hooked. They played a short set at Healthy Times Fun Club that started as just the duo—Kristian Garrard and Luke Bergman—playing an unhurried combination of intricate guitar lines and gentle harmonies. As the show went on they added more and more contributors: A glockenspiel, then drums and keyboard. It culminated in a packed stage and the fiercest jazz clarinet solo I have ever seen.

The build was spectacular. With each new musician came the sense that what was happening was unique, exciting—an exact, unrepeatable instant.

Although, I did talk them into stopping by our office for a mini-encore, where they graciously performed some tunes, adding PubliCola to Thousands' list of haunts.

Here's "Sun Cuz" and "Love Won't Come."

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

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