Snohomish Exec Hawks Energy Drink

By Josh Feit September 23, 2009

This is just plain weird. It appears to be a pitch for an energy drink called Sea 2 0 by Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon.
"It gives me the lift without giving me the crash ... I refer to Sea 2 0 as the adult oriented in energy drinks ... I work out at least once a day, so what I'm put in my body matters.."


I have a call in to Reardon's office to get an explanation and ask, for starters, if this is a joke or not.

UPDATE: Aaron Reardon called to explain his "testimonial." First off: He says it's real. Second, he says, Sea 2 0 is not a campaign contributor nor was he paid for the spot.

Reardon says "as a senior regional elected leader I've always promoted local companies." He's happy to report that Sea 2 0 is a small minority-owned Bellevue company (it's owned by an Asian American woman named Nancy Yi) and it has less than 20 employees. "I'm very interested in creating jobs at the local level," Reardon says. Sea 2 0 started in 2006.

(The name is a play on seaweed—the drink is partially made from seaweed—and Seattle.)

As other examples of supporting local businesses, Reardon says he's publicly stated that Boeing is the best airplane manufacturer in the world and as a member of the state house in 1999, he says, he signed a letter in support of Microsoft as the anti-trust troubles were brewing.
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