Press Release Roundup #2

By Josh Feit September 26, 2009


1. In his monthly "McKenna's 'Must Read,'" State Attorney General Rob McKenna released a statement Friday about his battle to force the anti-domestic partners rights campaign to release the names of the people who signed their petition and got their repeal measure, R-71, on the ballot.

Grade: A+. McKenna rips apart standard conservative double-reverse-back flip logic about the need to be  tolerant of the intolerant.

2. The City Council's transportation committee issued a press release Friday on moving forward with the deep bore tunnel. "Council set to solidify alignment with the state on Viaduct replacement."

It's disappointing that council president Richard Conlin uses the press release to talk in glowing civic terms about Seattle's "responsibility" and our "partnership" with the state, without the blasting the state for putting the (illegal) responsibility on Seattle to cover cost overruns.
“Our responsibility is to both provide safe, effective transportation
solutions and to lay the foundation for a great urban waterfront for
future generations,” said Council President Richard Conlin. “This
legislation commits the city to continue working in partnership with the
state to fulfill that commitment.”

Grade: B/B-

3. The Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce sent out a press release on Friday titled: "Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce rolls out agenda for economic recovery."

It's hard to blame the Chamber for the fact that Seattle is still dealing with the Viaduct and 520. But really their economic recovery agenda—go Boeing!— sounds like it was written in 2002.

Grade C. Not very inspired.
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