Mixing it Up in DC

By SoundersNerd September 12, 2009

Sounders, 8-6-10, 34pts, 4th place Western division


DC United, 8-5-12,  36pts, 3rd place Eastern division

4:30pm. At DC.

Last meetings: 9/2/09, Open Cup Final, Seattle 2-1

It's been so long.  Who are the Sounders?  I mean, the NFL is starting and Vick is back doing whatever and who are the Sounders?

What were they doing?

Oh yeah, they beat DC in DC in the Open Cup Final.  That's the team I want to recall, not the other one.
Since then, tragedy has struck part of the world and euphoria in the other via the World Cup qualifiers. The US is on the path to be the least deserving team in the World Cup, with an insipid 1-0 victory over Trinidad.But I digress.

Tyrone Marshall, Photo by Jack Hunter

Just like ten days ago, we're playing in DC against DC again.  But unlike ten days ago, Ljungberg is out for multiple yellows. Hurtado should be playing, as should Marshall, but oddly, they're both absent on the lineup posted on SoundersFC,  instead starting with Wahl and Ianni.  They proved themselves last time, so I'll wait before cringing.

Most importantly, the Sounders are floundering in the playoff standings, falling now to seventh out of eight places. At least the trend now has been to excel in games that matter away against tougher teams (Houston, LA, now DC). Another trend is mixing it up and deviating from the standard lineup.  We started with LeToux and Vagenas against DC, and Levesque against Houston, our last two good games. Perhaps that's the formula for victory.

I hope so, as only one team has beat DC at RFK and DC is desperate to not let us do it again.
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