Licata Cashes In

By Josh Feit September 28, 2009

Perhaps it's in response to his opponent Jessie Israel's folk rock YouTube video (which we posted here).

In a campaign YouTube of his own, incumbent city council member Nick Licata does his best Johnny Cash:


Best lines: He rhymes "sidewalks, please!" with "niceties," and he takes a swipe at council member Jean Godden for being a status quo Pollyanna. (Earlier in the campaign, Godden took the unusual step of endorsing Israel over her council colleague Licata.)

One doth protest moment: Licata croons: "Some say three terms might be enough, but the work for the common good won't let up."

Back when he was an activist in the late 1980s, Licata led an effort for council term limits and reportedly said council members who served more than three terms become lazy, bored, and unimaginitive.

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