King County Labor Council on McGinn ...

By Josh Feit September 18, 2009


Sidenote from the previous post: While I had King County Labor Council spokesman David Freiboth on the phone, I asked him why the KCLC endorsed T-Mobile executive Joe Mallahan for mayor earlier this week over Mike McGinn. Afterall, as was widely reported during the primary, Mallahan was getting bashed by labor thanks to an anti-union memo written by T-Mobile management.

Freiboth says, "I know it's just words, but Mallahan has done aggressive outreach to us and he's been emphatic that he strongly supports collective bargaining rights." (He also cited Mallahan's support of the pro-labor Employee Free Choice Act, which  would allow employees to unionize if a majority sign cards—as opposed to having to go through a greuling election process vs. management.)

The Mallahan endorsement may have had as much to do with the KCLC's uneasiness with McGinn. "We found that Mallahan talks to people, while McGinn talks at people," Freiboth said.

And in a reference to McGinn's anti-tunnel (and anti-roads politics) he added: "But really it's policy, transportation. [McGinn's base] takes job creation and economic growth for granted. We didn't get the feeling he was amenable to work with us on that."

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