Extra Fizz: Campaign Money Update

By Erica C. Barnett September 23, 2009

Ed. Note: This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Susan Hutchison has raised $78,000 since the primary, not $56,000.

The latest campaign finance reports show that King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine has continued to out-raise his opponent, former KIRO anchor and frequent Republican donor Susan Hutchison, by more than two to one. In the last week, Constantine reported raising around $48,000 to Hutchison's $22,000, bringing his total since the August 18 primary election to $181,000 (to Hutchison's $78,000).

Among city council candidates, Position 8 contender Robert Rosencrantz has raised far more than all the others, reporting $32,000 in contributions since the primary. (His opponent, Mike O'Brien, has raised just $8,000).

Meanwhile, last-place mayoral finisher Norman Sigler sent out a press release this morning to announce that he's seeking reimbursement of the $1,666.62 filing fee his campaign paid to King County Elections in June. According to Sigler's statement, his campaign "is seeking reimbursement of the [filing fee because] we originally submitted signatures but came up short by 51. We were understandably upset and had not budgeted the filing fee amount."

Sigler also alludes to a potential future campaign, noting that although "I was a little upset at the lack of coverage of my campaign (and others) by most of the media," that "was not your fault. Our campaign did not give you enough 'news worthy' material to work with."
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