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By Erica C. Barnett September 29, 2009

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Mike McGinn[/caption]

Contributions continue to pour in for mayoral candidates Mike McGinn and Joe Mallahan, and the contributor lists are stacking up pretty much as you'd expect them to.

In McGinn's corner: Environmental groups, neighborhood activists

In Mallahan's: Law and order organizations, labor unions (which don't like McGinn because he opposes the waterfront tunnel, which would mean lots of union jobs), and members of what passes for the conservative establishment in Seattle.

Among the notable contributors Mallahan has reported in the last two days:

$700 from the Seattle Police Management Association, which represents police lieutenants and captains;

$700 from the national branch of the Amalgamated Transit Union, whose local, ATU 587, represents Metro drivers;

$700 from the King County Labor Council;

$500 from Ron Crockett, president of the Emerald Downs race track in Auburn; and

$700 from Suzie Burke, a Fremont developer and longtime bike-lane opponent who also gave $800 to Susan Hutchison, a conservative candidate for King County Executive.

On McGinn's list:

$50 (of $100 total) from Vafa Ghazi, a Fremont neighborhood activist who has since moved to Germany;

$350 (of $400 total) from unsuccessful legislative candidate and latte-tax proponent John Burbank;

$500 from Chuck Ayers, head of the Cascade Bicycle Club;

$600 (of $700 total) from Cascade policy director David Hiller;

$200 (of $250 total) from former city council member Heidi Wills; and

$700 from Cleanscapes, a local trash-collection company.

The overall takeaway: In the past two days, McGinn has reported more overall contributions than Mallahan ($15,978 to Mallahan's $12,180). More significant than the total, however, is the fact that McGinn reported nearly three times as many individual contributors as Mallahan—84 in the last two days to Mallahan's 33.

Mallahan continues to raise much more of his money than McGinn from out of town, as well: $119,049, compared to McGinn's $34,163.
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