Washington State Court of Appeals: PubliCola Picks Anne Ellington

By PublicolaPicks August 3, 2009


Longtime Appeals Court Judge Anne Ellington is a top-notch candidate.

She has been rated "exceptionally well qualified" by several legal groups, including the King County Bar Association, the Latina/o Bar Association of Washington, the Joint Asian Judicial Evaluation Committee, Washington Women Lawyers, and the GLBT Bar Association of Washington.

Ellington has an impressive resume. Prior to her current position on the state court, she served as a King County Superior Court judge; a private attorney specializing in discrimination and family law cases; and a lawyer in the state attorney general's office, where she focused on discrimination cases.

On the state court,  where she's been a judge for 14 years, she has ruled on important cases about privacy (she threw out a pre-employment drug testing law) and civil rights (requiring that juveniles in truancy proceedings receive attorneys.)

Her opponent, private attorney Robert Kelly, was rated "Not Qualified" by both the King County Bar Association and the Seattle Municipal League.

PubliCola picks Anne Ellington.
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