Tonight at Vera, It'll be Different.

By MusicNerd August 14, 2009

One of the best shows I ever saw was back in 2005 when YACHT opened for Bobby Birdman at Gallery 1412. I was already in love with YACHT because of his OG indie-Timbaland work for the Blow.

And that night he was a sweaty, beautiful mess. He started crouched on the floor—his computer bleating out frantic beats. He slowly merged with the beats until he was a whirling dervish; a mystic performer in ecstasy.


Bobby Birdman, man.

It was Mr. Birdman though who stole the night. He had what YACHT cops now: Pop vocals and effortless charm, and something no one else could capture—he plays laid back Caribbean guitar patterns and sings surprisingly complex vocal arrangements. His discography is peerless and criminally overlooked.

Tonight at the Vera, it’ll be different. YACHT sings now and has made a star turn with his latest venture in LCD System-y funky dance jams.

YACHT and Bobby Birdman play the Vera Project tonight; a show that'll be worth reminiscing about four years from now.
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