Time to Score Some Goals

By SoundersNerd August 8, 2009

Sounders 7-4-8, 29pts, 2nd place

Real Salt Lake, 6-8-5, 23pts, 6th place

Last meeting, 3/28/09, Sounders won 2-0 in our second match. We played again on 4/28 for the Open Cup; Sounders won 3-0.

In Salt Lake Saturday, August 8th, 6pm local time.

It's been a turbulent month.  Havana was swell, thanks for asking (

Oh yeah, the Sounders.  While I was gone, there was the Gold Cup Final, Chelsea friendly, MLS All-Star (featuring Ljungberg, Keller, Montero and Hurtado), Open Cup semi-final, Barcelona friendly.  Buried in there were two games that really mattered, Chicago and San Jose.  We've scored two goals in our last five games and given up 11.  Those aren't good statistics in any sport.

Furthermore, standings-wise, the Western conference is messy as Obama's Cuba policy: One team leads the pack (Houston), another is in solid last (San Jose), but otherwise 6 points separate six teams. Two wins, and RSL could be in our shoes.

To further your jitters, RSL haven't lost in their last four home games and James Riley is out due to a red against SJ.  Leo Gonzalez had a shitty introduction against Barcelona ("Bienvenidos a Seattle, Tico! Ahora, marque el chiquito. Algunos dicen que es lo mejor jugador en la historia del mundo.") I'm glad he's there on the left, but every time we mess with our back four, we're in trouble.

We can't have any meltdowns.  We can't drool on ourselves star-struck.  We need to score goals.

A plague of insects in Salt Lake wouldn't hurt either.
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