Sounders vs. Toronto

By SoundersNerd August 29, 2009

Hello Everyone,

It's a lovely day at Qwest, where we are testing the "live blogging" from the Sounders game. Up dates at half time and post game.

First Half Update: so far, so... most unsettling is that our famed "5th appearance of starting eleven" last only 20 minutes, when Tyrone Marshall was subbed out, replaced by Patrick "Cringe" Ianni.

Actually, that's the second most unsettling note of the first half. The single most unsettling note is that our starting 11 are playing like some B squad rejects. Lucky I don't count give-aways and bad passes. Toronto easily outplayed us the first half. I just hope we can get it together the second half, lest we have a repeat of New England frustration.

Second Half Update: We definitely turned it around second half, playing like we did in Houston, against Houston.  If we were in Toronto, a tie would be commendable.   But at home, with our starting eleven, and 32K "12 men" supporting them, a tie is disappointing.  Now I'm going to see what all these post-game interviews are all about.
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