Seattle's DIY Poetry Scene, 1967

By BookNerd August 6, 2009

Matt Briggs posted an interview today with poet and Temple Bookstore founder Charlie Potts over at Reading Local Seattle.

Potts talks about a reading series he started in 1967 called "The Theodore Roethke Gladness Wakes" at the Zig Zag Gallery and Pot Shop in the Pike Place Market, and about a class he co-taught called "Poetry-Language-Now" at the Free University Seattle:
Edward Smith... taught for the first quarter on the living room floor of The Magic Mountain, Miriam Radar’s father’s place, he was a wheel in the Philosophy department at UDUB. Edward had real gravitas, having just returned from Vietnam, and quickly hit his stride as a poet. Eventually we will bring his work back into print. Later the course migrated to my apartment in Belltown, 2224 ½ 2nd Avenue. I even wrote later some 2nd Avenue poems ala Frank O’Hara. Edward in his prescient way, said Seattle won’t amount to anything until it has a scene in Belltown.

Potts reading "Silver Winged Shit" at a poetry conference in the late '60s (from Temple Bookstore):

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