Seattle Hip Hop's Brain Drain: GMK to L.A.

By MusicNerd August 20, 2009


Back in the 80s, the kids around here had a term for what's happening to our current fertile, but precarious rap scene: the Seattle Syndrome.

Allow me to explain: Seattle Syndrome in the 80s = All of the Seattle rock bands we liked couldn't get exposure beyond Seattle, which was bad. The only bands from this area that had a chance of getting increased exposure were metal bands from Bellevue (Queensryche) which was unfortunate since the scene was so diverse.

Seattle Syndrome now = All the Seattle rap bands we like can't get exposure beyond Seatlle, which is bad. The only bands from this area that have a chance of getting increased exposure are folk bands from Bellevue (Fleet Foxes) which is unfortunate because the scene is so diverse.

Don't get me wrong, Queensryche and Fleet Foxes are truly great (and who cares if you're from Bellevue?)

The tragedy though, is that promising young, local rap/hip-hop/rock bands with this mindset get frustrated with Seattle's precieved insularity and leave for California.

Case in point: We're losing two of our most promising groups to the sunshine state. In September, the ladies of THEE Satisfaction are packing it up for San Fransisco and GMK takes his unique aesthetic to LA. Aww hell.


In some ways, its easy to relate to their discontents; can you imagine how THEE Satisfaction must feel about the "choke a bitch" boys from Mad Rad getting more attention then THEE Satisfaction's smart Snowmotion EP ?

Both THEE Satisfaction and GMK will open for Clipse at the Showbox on September 10th for one last, abrupt hurrah. Enjoy it while it lasts.

In the meantime, here's GMK laying down a version of "Music Swingers" (a track from his recent online release, Music for Bloggers ), which he recorded here at the PubliCola offices when he came by to do an interview .

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