Re: R-71 Qualifies

By Josh Feit August 31, 2009

I editorialized about R-71 this past spring, and I'll say it again: It's a good thing for gay rights activists.

Here's why : It'll get trounced, proving that gay rights have overwhelming support in Washington state.

Side notes: With R-71 on the ballot—R-71 seeks to overturn state Sen. Ed Murray's  domestic partnership law —Murray (D-43) may now be persuaded to jump into the mayor's race.

Political insiders who would like to see Sen. Murray run as a write-in candidate envision a perfect storm where R-71 puts Murray in the spotlight and energizes his base this November.

But earlier today, Emily Heffter at the Seattle Times did some reporting —interviewing business and labor leaders (two factions rumored to be pushing Murray to run)—who actually seem sour on the idea of a Sen. Murray write-in.

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