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By Josh Feit August 11, 2009

Today's winning comment was actually posted on an article we published yesterday . But the discussion thread is still humming along.

At issue are City Council Member Nick Licata's 'No' votes. (One of Licata's challenger's, Jessie Israel, is making a campaign issue out of Licata's contrarianism—saying he often holds down the losing end of council votes.)

After looking at council votes going back to 2006, we reported that Licata's colleagues are actually in the minority more often than he is. In 2006, for example, council members Tom Rasmussen, Richard Conlin, David Della, Richard McIver, and Jan Drago were loser 'Nos' more often than Licata.

Up-and-coming Seattle political blogger JJ Tweets dug even deeper, and took a look at last year's budget amendment votes. Here's what he found:

61. Johnathon Fitzpatrick says:

Regarding Licata and ‘No’ votes. A while back I went digging through the Green Sheets for last year’s ‘09-’10 budget and made a tally of all the dissenting votes recorded. Here’s what I found:

Ricard McIver: 12
Jan Drago: 7
Richard Conlin: 6
Jean Godden: 5
Bruce Harrell: 5
Tim Burgess: 4
Tom Rasmussen: 4
Nick Licata: 3
Sally Clark: 2

192 votes on the budget
24 had dissenting votes
only 3 did not pass.


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