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By Josh Feit August 21, 2009

Today's "Comment of the Day" comes to us from Newsjunky on Erica's post about Joe Mallahan's brief press conference.

13. Newsjunky says:

Mallahan cancelled an hour long interview/debate on KUOW with McGinn for this waste of time 9 minute “press conference”? Who is he - Sarah Palin?

08/21/2009 AT 3:07

Joe Mallahan's spokeswoman Charla Neuman tells me: "We never canceled because we never committed to go on."

She tells us KUOW called late last Friday and again on Tuesday (before the results were in) saying they were trying to schedule the top two candidates to come on the radio later in the week, perhaps Thursday. She reports that she told them, "Hey, are you trying to jinx us [before the results are in]" and didn't commit to going on.

She says she did not hear back from KUOW until this morning (when they invited Mallahan to come on today) which is when she turned them down because Mallahan was holding his own press conference.

We have a call into KUOW to hear their take on this.

Regarding Mallahan's increasing reputation for being reluctant to talk to the press, Green populist Mike McGinn (the frontrunner as of a half  hour ago ) told PubliCola: "He says he wants to be different from Nickels, but right now, the way he's operating, he's acting just like Nickels."

McGinn, who says his staff told him last night he was scheduled to go on KUOW today for an hour with Mallahan,  ended up going on KUOW this afternoon for 20 minutes.

UPDATE: KUOW producer David Hyde confirms Neuman's story, although he says he spoke with her for the third time on Thursday late afternoon (not Friday morning), and that's when Neuman said she couldn't do Friday because of Mallahan's press conference. Hyde says Neuman agreed to get Mallahan on KUOW sometime next week.
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