On This November's Ballot

By Morning Fizz August 27, 2009


1. First debate confirmed: KCTS 9 will broadcast a live debate between this fall's King County Executive candidates—King County Council Member Dow Constantine and former KIRO TV anchor Susan Hutchison—on October 15.

2. Earlier this week, we theorized that if the gay rights measure, R-71, is on this November's ballot it would help state Sen. Ed Murray's (D-43) potential write-in bid for mayor because pro-gay rights forces would be energized about the election—creating a perfect storm for Sen. Murray.

Murray (gay!) is a gay rights champion and in fact ushered through the domestic partners legislation that anti-gay rights activists are trying to repeal with R-71.

However, there's an opposite view: R-71 could hurt Murray's effort. How so?

Murray could be sidetracked by the R-71 debate. Again, R-71 is about Murray's own legislation—expanded domestic partner rights that put domestic partnerships on an even legal playing field with marriage. Murray will be the de facto spokesman in this fall's fight over gay rights, and his mayoral campaign may become too closely tied to (and sapped by) that battle.

McGinn=Tunnel. Murray=Gay rights. Mallahan=Win.

3. Speaking of Mallahan: Earlier this week , we asked his campaign what his position was on placing more cell phone towers in residential areas. The issue came up because the had a story about T-Mobile's strong-armed efforts to get the city to put new cell phone towers in neighborhoods like Beacon Hill.

Mallahan's spokeswoman told the PI that Mallahan was not involved in T-Mobile's push for additional cell towers. She didn't, however, say what Mallahan thought of the neighborhood issue. At the time, Mayor Nickels passed legislation banning new cell towers.

We still have not heard from Mallahan's campaign.

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