Oh. Hell. No.

By SoulNerd August 19, 2009

I am a stickler for double standards. To be perfectly clear, double standards make me insane, and I call them out wherever I see them.  Double standards piss me off even more when they occur through the lens of race.

I could rattle off countless examples of how a Black person does something and receives one kind of treatment, and yet a White person does the same thing, and the treatment they receive is completely different- that's a huge part of White privilege.  Yes, I recognize that there are varying degrees of the double standard in terms of severity, and for many of you, the example I am about to lay out may seem small- petty even.

Oh well.

I'm calling out the McGinn campaign for taking advantage of their White privilege.  Note I didn't accuse him of being racist, or acting racist.  But he is White, and White people tap their privilege more than R. Kelly taps underage ass.

The wonkiest wonks know that black City Council candidate Bobby Forch hit a speed bump in his campaign when a supporter went to a 37th District meeting and made the pathetic mistake of advising the attendants not to "fuck up" Forch's election to Position 8; yes, this person explicitly said: "you better not fuck this up."

Forch and his campaign (he lost badly last night, btw, coming in fifth place) were raked over the coals for this incident. It was played up in all political circles as a major nail in his coffin.  Any time a person said "Bobby Forch," it was followed up by someone else saying "did you hear what happened at the 37th?!"

Cut to last night's election parties. In the midst of the mildly drunken revelry, one of PubliCola's ElectionNerds pulls out his super cool phone and shows me the picture of McGinn you see here—created and posted by the McGinn camp or a McGinn supporter.  Either way, it was shown at his event for all to see, and no one from his camp acted to pull it down.


You all might see jest; wit.  But I can tell you from witnessing other people's reactions, that it wasn't taken as jest or wit.

Who the hell thought it was funny?!  Who thought it was mature?!  Who thought it was an effective use of campaign time or dollars of volunteers?!  Who was so blissfully ignorant they didn't take five seconds to think about what kind of message it sends?!  Were ya'll McGinners so twisted (that's hoodspeak for "drunk") that you really thought no one else would take a critical look at that?

Why is it okay for the McGinn camp to do that?  They can publish an actual image of his face with a play on the same phrase, and people point and laugh; they call it "clever."

Clever my ass.

As for Forch, the candidate who had to clean up the mess of the incident—well no one is elbowing him and winking on this one—no, they're shaking their heads and telling him he should have trained his folks a bit more on the importance of staying on message.

Double standard, anyone?

I am certain this is where at least a few of you comment or email me that I'm "looking for something that isn't there," or "it's not that bad," or I'm just doing it because I'm Black and Forch is Black, or whatever kind of justification you push to make yourself feel better.

In the meantime, I'm keeping it real.  The McGinn poster is fucked up.  It's not funny, it's below the belt and offensive.  He should apologize for it (and not that "I'm sorry if it offended" BS, it offended. Fact.  Apologize!)

So, Mr. McGinn, I hear you're willing to go one on one with anybody in this town .

Here I am.

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