Metro Survey Update

By Erica C. Barnett August 13, 2009

The guy behind the mysterious online Metro survey I wrote about last week got in touch yesterday with some updated results.

Slightly more than 200 people have responded to the unscientific survey, which deals with the downtown ride-free area and Metro's (some say confusing) boarding and payment structure.

A selection of the results so far:

• About 47 percent of respondents want to ditch the ride-free area, for which Metro has proposed charging the city an additional $6 to $7 million per year. Forty-five percent want to keep it, and eight percent don't care.

• Fifty-one percent think Metro should allow people to get off the back doors after 7:00 pm, and 26 percent like the restriction (another 22 percent don't care.)

• Somewhat surprisingly, 80 percent think it's fine if Metro gives a discount to riders who use non-cash payments (e.g. ORCA cards), with only 13 percent saying that charging cash users more isn't fair. (Six percent say it doesn't matter.) Only 14 percent of respondents pay with cash, which could explain the overwhelming support for a non-cash discount.

• Forty-nine percent say they "agree" or "strongly agree" that it's fair to provide free rides downtown; just 32 percent disagree or strongly disagree. (The rest of respondents don't have a strong opinion). However, just 34 percent of respondents agree that the ride-free zone benefits most of Metro's passengers, while 48 percent disagree or strongly disagree.
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