McGinn Has Missed Just Three Elections. Murray's Batting Nearly 1000

By Erica C. Barnett August 28, 2009

Since 2001, mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan hasn't had the greatest voting record—a story PubliCola broke back in May.

Our old alma mater, the Stranger , revisited the Mallahan-voting-record story this week , so we figured we should take a look at the records of his opponent, Mike McGinn, and his possible opponent, state Sen. Ed Murray (D-43).

The results: Murray is a voting goody-goody, skipping just one election (the bogus 2008 presidential primary).

McGinn has missed three elections—the presidential primary, the 2007 primary (on the ballot: three city council seats, a parks levy, and several county and port positions), and the 2007 school levy vote. Ironically, McGinn ran a parks levy campaign one year later.

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