How the Council Survivors Stack Up

By Erica C. Barnett August 21, 2009

[caption id="attachment_12451" align="alignnone" width="416" caption="Position 8 candidate Robert Rosencrantz"]Position 8 candidate Robert Rosencrantz[/caption]

In the waning days of the primary election campaign, city council candidates spent money frantically in an effort to stand out of the (often very large) pack with voters. In some cases, candidates emptied out their bank accounts in a last-ditch attempt to win, leaving those who made it through with badly diminished campaign coffers.

In some races, the candidates' spending balances out, leaving both candidates at around the same level as they go into the general. (See: Position 8 contenders Mike O'Brien and Robert Rosencrantz.) In others, one candidate earned more, spent less, or otherwise managed to salvage more than their opponent, giving them a financial advantage going into November (see: Position 4 candidate Sally Bagshaw, with tens of thousands in the bank, and her opponent David Bloom, in the red).

Below the jump,  a look at the winners—and their bank accounts.

In the Black

Position 4 candidate Sally Bagshaw

$155,671 raised

$37,957 on hand

Position 6 incumbent Nick Licata

$106,861 raised

$46,055 on hand

On the Brink

Position 6 challenger Jessie Israel

$78,618  raised

$4,945 on hand

In the Red

Position 4 candidate David Bloom

$68,707 raised

- (negative) $3,139 on hand

Position 8 candidate Mike O'Brien

$76,749 raised

- (negative) $631 on hand

Position 8 candidate Robert Rosencrantz

$131,160 raised

- (negative)$1,104 on hand
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