Extra Fizz: Carr Goes on Offensive with New Blog

By Erica C. Barnett August 6, 2009

Under fire from his opponent Pete Holmes, City Attorney Tom Carr has launched a new blog to "expand the dialogue about the role of City Attorney." (The debate, in brief: Holmes says the people of Seattle are Carr's primary clients; Carr says Seattle government is).

From Carr's press release, though, it's pretty clear Carr knows what he thinks the role of city attorney is: "The City Attorney is Seattle's prosecutor."

Holmes disagrees: "The City Attorney is more than the City's prosecutor."

Not much room for dialogue there. However, it'll be interesting to see whether Carr goes (even more) negative on Holmes. The Carr campaign's ongoing and sometimes bizarre crusade to convince voters Holmes isn't qualified to serve as city attorney (Holmes stopped taking private clients when he joined the Office of Professional Accountability Review Board, prompting Carr to argue that he hasn't been an "active" attorney as required by the city charter) hasn't won him many friends.

In a recent poll commissioned by PubliCola, 80 percent of general-election voters were undecided on Carr—bad news for a longtime incumbent.

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