Before the Twilight

By Josh Feit August 7, 2009

In this year of 40th anniversaries from that 20th-Century-landmark-meltdown known as 19 (Here-Come-the-Depressing-'70s) 69 (Manson murders are Sunday, btw), the New York Times has Woodstock front-and-center on its homepage right now . The anniversary is actually the 15th, but, okay.

A few weeks ago, Rolling Stone (of course) wrote this article on the famous Baby Boom Wow-wee-on-the-farm-festival. And it included this intriguing aside:
Sly and the Family Stone were the only deep-R&B act on the bill, and from the shotgun start — a scat-and-gallop "M'Lady" into the smiling swagger of "Sing a Simple Song" — Stone is at the height of his party-politics command. (A year later, he was sinking into drug-and-paranoia twilight.)

Sly and la Famille Stone had just released their blockbuster Stand LP, but yes, it would be two years before they'd release another album—There's a Riot Goin On —which was also dynamite, but definitely hinted at the paranoia twilight.

Here they are at Woodstock:

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