There's Some Point Where You Want to Know

By MusicNerd August 14, 2009

UPDATE: This podcast was originally posted yesterday afternoon. We're moving it up for two reasons.

1) Yesterday, the podcast mysteriously cut off right at the beginning of GMK's closing song. Today, we've got the whole thing queued up to go.

2) It's awesome.

[Editor's Note: GMK plays the Showbox at the Market on September 10 with Sneaker Pimps and THEE Satisfaction. It is illegal to miss this show .]


Getting high on decibels, GMK (aka Golden Mic King) swings by PubliCola.

GMK embodies what's great about Seattle hip-hop 2009: Ambitious punch lines and intelligent swagger. His beats are a party. It's genre-bent electronica meets good fucking times.

Earlier this summer, on the heels of his June 2 release—a conceptual mixtape about rap and the internet called Songs for Bloggers —we saw GMK kill at Nectar Lounge.

We had to meet this guy. We invited him over. We had to hear more.

And so, when he came to the PubliCola offices last week and talked about the surreal and the real, sour patch kids, cereal, Alicia Keys' Songs in A Minor , Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life , Songs for Bloggers , and pretending to be a sassy African American female—we weren't fools. We ran his computer and a mic into our MacBook and had him record a three-song set then and there.


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