Armed with iPhones and Flips

By Morning Fizz August 4, 2009


1. Morning Fizz hears that KOMO-TV  is set to roll out a new website. It will come with neighborhood blogs for every Seattle neighborhood. KOMO has reportedly doubled their online and blogging staff and armed their camera crew and reporters with iphones and flips so they can immediately upload photos and news to the blogs.

They do not have a politics blog yet, but are considering it. It all debuts soon.

2. Morning Fizz sees that there's already a private park and ride opening up along the light rail line. The line—from downtown to Tukwila— has been open for two weeks.

This photo was taken from the Safeway parking lot at Othello and MLK:


3. A labor coalition, including the Washington Education Association, SEIU 775, UFCW Local 21, and the Washington Sate Labor Council, began an independent expenditure campaign today against King County Executive candidate state Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48, Medina). The group, calling themselves the Working Families Coalition, is running anti-Hunter ads on local web sites (including PubliCola.)

Hunter recieved poor marks from the Washington State Labor Council  this year —he voted no on unemployment insurance reform—and he took the lead on the education reform bill, legislation that was hotly contested by the WEA .

According to the Public Disclosure Commission, the anti-Hunter group has raised $30,000. A statement released this morning says "more communication with voters  is planned before the conclusion of the Primary Election."

4. Governor Chris Gregoire's chief of staff, Cindy Zehnder, announced yesterday that she's stepping down.

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