Waiting for an Upset

By SoundersNerd July 6, 2009

The Sounders didn't play, but still hit the papers in the worst way.

I tired of sexual assault allegations with Montero, so instead of commenting on the charges against Jaqua, I'll just refer you to the message boards.

On Tuesday, the Sounders play Kansas City in the quarterfinals at Starfire Sports in Tukwila. They are one of two teams to beat us, after Keller was ejected, so expect some vengeance. Word is it's gonna be packed (/).

Meanwhile, in the the US defeated Grenada 4-0 (23 to 3 in shots)—whoa! U!S!A! U!S!A—and face Honduras and Haiti in the next few days. I would love to see an upset with either of these team—or anyone else in the Gold Cup tourney, for that matter—but I won't hold my breath.
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