Two Updates: Nickels Ad, McKenna on Light Rail

By Josh Feit July 21, 2009

1. I talked to Seattle Ethics and Elections Director Wayne Barnett regarding an ethics complaint filed about a Nickels campaign ad. (The crux of the complaint, which we reported in this morning's Morning Fizz, was that Nickels, abused his public office to get privileged access to the light rail stations to shoot a video spot.)

Ethics director Barnett reports, as I believe some people in the comments thread pointed out, that the ad was shot from a public location (4th and Lander). Barnett adds: The footage was actually borrowed  from another ad shoot—it's footage from the 2007 roads and transit initiative. No foul.

2. Those who took offense at my shout out to former Republican King County Council Member and Sound Transit board member (now Republican A.G. and likely GOP gubernatorial candidate in 2012) Rob McKenna for his active watchdogging over Sound Transit in 1999 and 2000, will be titillated to know that McKenna has refused to talk to me after I asked his spokesman yesterday (and today) to offer a comment on light rail's big opening weekend.
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