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By Josh Feit July 15, 2009

There are a ton of smart comments today. I'm thinking Joshuadf (comment #4) on Erica's post about David Bloom and Trevor (comment #5) on my post about the Washington State Labor Council vs. the Democrats.

So, stiff competition today. Here are the winners!

Regular PubliCola commenter Mikos was absolutely right about the Mallahan campaign when he/she weighed in on Erica's post about Mallahan's call for SDOT head Grace Crunican to resign (the T-Mobile exec's first catchy and pertinent campaign move).

5. Mikos says:

It’s about time he ran a play.

7/15/2009 at  1:04pm

And—on the same post—a reader named Summer Girl got in a too-funny comment about Nickels' decision eight years ago to can then SeaTran head (the old name for SDOT) Daryl Grigsby .

6. summer girl says:

The irony of Nickels’ replacement of Grigsby: He made the national list of top 10 public works directors of the year  this past May.

7/15/2009 at 1:11pm

Finally, you've gotta love this identity-politics-you-betcha! comment from Aphorism153 about Texas Republican Sen. Tom Coburn's Sotomayor performance (on ObamaNerd's post ):

1. Aphorism153 says:

As a Cuban American I’m honored that Coburn has decided to acknowledge my people’s contribution to the art of situation comedy. Yes, Dezi Arnaz invented the sitcom. You’re welcome, America.

However, Sotomayor is boricua, not Anglo American like Lucille Ball. Que vergüenza!

7/15/2009 at 1:59pm

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