The Final Count

By Erica C. Barnett July 8, 2009

The final results from tonight's 34th District endorsement meeting: Mayor Greg Nickels and Mike McGinn received a dual endorsement—a major blow to Nickels, who worked hard to turn out supporters tonight in his home district (and a welcome surprise for the McGinn camp which was in need of a boost).

Nick Licata and Jessie Israel, meanwhile, received a dual endorsement.

So, to recap:
Mayor's race: Dual endorsement for Nickels and McGinn

Licata's Seat: Dual endorsement for Licata and Israel

Drago's Open Seat: Dual endorsement for Sally Bagshaw and Dorsal Plants

Richard Conlin's Seat: Dual endorsement for Conlin and David Ginsberg

Richard McIver's Open Seat: Dual endorsement for David Miller and Robert Rosencrantz

City Attorney: Sole endorsement for incumbent City Attorney Tom Carr

And in perhaps the biggest endorsement of the night, Peter Steinbrueck endorsed Carr's opponent, Peter Holmes.

Josh will have more on tonight's momentous 34th District endorsement meeting in the morning.
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