Did Susan Hutchison Say Cosby Would Be Better Than Obama?

By Erica C. Barnett July 9, 2009


UPDATE/CORRECTION: Blatherwatch reports that they were wrong, and that Susan Hutchison did not say that Bill Cosby would be a better president than Obama on the Dave Boze show. Hutchison appeared on the show last September to talk about a John McCain fundraiser she attended.

Sure sounds like it: Michael Hood has an interesting piece up at Blatherwatch about an appearance King County Executive candidate Susan Hutchison—the "nonpartisan" former KIRO anchor with decidedly Republican political leanings—did on the conservative David Boze show (on KTTH) last year. According to Seattle Examiner blogger Boye A. Coker's recollection of the show (which does not appear to be available online):
Ms. Hutchison expressed her dismay at the candidacy of Barack Obama, saying it would be better for people who were thinking of voting for him to write-in Bill Cosby. I beg your pardon! Now, I thought my ears were actually failing me, but then she reiterated the point again saying she had met Mid-Westerners who felt Barack Obama was "arrogant" (a common Republican talking point) and that a write-in for Bill Cosby would be better than a vote for the current President of the United States.

Hutchison—who also, according to Coker, made comments to the effect that Todd Palin was a hunk—was, according to Coker, appearing as a guest host with David Boze's wife Peggy Boze, who was head of the King County McCain-Palin campaign.

I've contacted the Hutchison campaign asking for confirmation of Hutchison's statements and appearance on the show.
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