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By Josh Feit July 23, 2009

[Editor's Note: This was originally posted yesterday, but the comments thread seems hot. So, we're moving it up.]

PubliCola's comment of the day  goes to kurisu, who posted in the heated comments thread about the Cascade Bicycle Club's endorsement of Sally Bagshaw over low-income housing activist David Bloom. (Bagshaw herself  weighed in on the thread too).

9. kurisu says:

For his part, Bloom proudly lists Pat “don’t shove low-income housing down our throats” Murakami on his endorsements. Trying to wrap my head around that one.

07/22/09 AT 12:57 PM

Ouch. And yeah, we're trying to wrap our head around that one too.

A little context: Southeast Seattle neighborhood activist Pat Murakami recently got behind the NIMBY effort to derail legislation requiring transit-oriented development at light-rail stations because, she testified in Olympia , the guidelines—with their low-income housing mandates— would have turned the neighborhood into an overcrowded version of Mumbai. (Literally: She showed legislators photos of Mumbai.)

We've got a call in to David Bloom to hear his explanation.
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