PubliCola Primary Endorsements Coming Monday

By Josh Feit July 30, 2009

We've been getting emails today asking where our endorsements are.

Indeed, Erica announced on Friday that they'd be hitting this week.

And it was pretty easy to miss the note (an aside in a much longer post we published this Tuesday ) alerting readers that PubliCola's picks are now scheduled to run next week.

Sorry for the confusion.

PubliCola's endorsements for the primary election are running on Monday.


[Editor's Note: Readers who have questions about potential conflicts of interest at Publicola (PubliCola co-founder Sandeep Kaushik, for example, is Mayor Nickels' campaign spokesperson, and PubliCola advisory board member Mark Matassa, a former PI editor, is now working on Nickels' opponent Jan Drago's campaign) please read this explanation of our endorsement process.]

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