Non-Agenda Driven

By Josh Feit July 21, 2009


1. A local lobbyist—with a hippie-causes lobbying firm—filed an ethics complaint with the Seattle Ethics and Elections Office yesterday about one of Mayor Nickels' campaign commercials.

The complaint contends that a shot in the ad (of a light rail train coming into the station) appears to have been filmed from a vantage point that the public could not have had access to—presumably a station platform that wasn't even open when the ad was video taped.


The complaint theorizes that Nickels used his position as mayor to get access—essentially taking advantage of his public office to make the video. It's not kosher to use public resources in campaigns.

I would add: If Sound Transit cooperated in making the Nickels spot, that could be a violation too.

Here's the commercial .

I have a call in to Seattle Ethics and Elections Director Wayne Barnett (no relation to Erica C.) to get his take on all this.

2. The non-agenda-driven Muni League is coming out with its just-the-facts-ma'am candidate ratings in the mayor's race, the King County Executive's race, the city council races, and  other local contests on Thursday.

3. "Nickelsville," the homeless encampent on state-owned land in South Seattle, is being threatened by both the state and the city to leave the property. The Seattle Post Globe has the story .

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